Math is Dead

Here lies my math book

Never will I take a second look

College bound with dreams in mind

Meanwhile Math is no where to be found

Use it or lose it they all say

Maybe I'll need it for taxes one day

But for now he lies cold

In the backback on the floor of my room


I won't lie we had some fun

Passing notes inside him

Pretending to ask for the answer to question one

Sure maybe someday I will see Math again

When I work as a cashier, leave a tip, or when my budget begins

But as for now it seems

Math lies on the floor wishing to be seen

Math I am sorry I have let you down

You just weren't my favorite subject around

Gerontology has stolen my heart

And my shelf needs more room to start

Now. Now. Math don't be sad

I will find you a good place, not bad

After all you are worth an awful lot

That's not something I have forgot.

The shoes in the closet will be your new "sole"mates

But as for me and Gerontology...

We have a date





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