I'm flawless! I'm handsome, i'm intelligent, and I'm FLAWLESS. No problems ever come my way, today is my day... to show the world that I'm flawless. And all of my worries, leave my mind in a hurry, because i'm flawless. I never get stressed because of the Lord, I'm blessed... and I'm flawless. Don't worry about me, I stand on my own to feet. I don't accept cheats or easy work, I work and get it done and it's FLAWLESS. My personality is FLAWLESS, my appearance ... FLAWLESS, and my demeanor... It's flawless. Not only can I talk the talk... but I can walk the walk as well... because I'm flawless. And you can write that down in history, write it in your books that I'm flawless! I am FLAWLESS!


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