What Ticks Me Off


What ticks me off are many things I would say

But why show others the anger I have anyways?

I could go off on everyone for the most littlest things

But I choose not to, for my reputation reins.

Obnoxiously loud peers who scream down the school hallways for no reason

Annoys me like a mother who lets their children run wild

This generation has no type of home training now.

My siblings talking to me while my favorite show is on

is like the weather when the clouds block the sun.

A child disrespecting the elderly

ticks me off so badly

My repuation starts to get to me

so what I say about this is not only nothing

but God sees your every move

for I need not to speak when I do not need to

The big guy upstairs will surely deal with you.

The things that tick me off I won't let get to me

for I am the girl who everyone recognizes as friendly.

So what ticks me off no one would ever know

because I am the type of person who doesn't let it show.


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