The Beauty of Downfall


the beauty of downfall


a vase on a table,

surrounded by admirers-

she sparkles.


filled with flowers of innocent white

protected by the arms of day


the sunset kisses the sky

a song of tragedy sings

the night is coming-

crawling into the windows,

consuming the light;

staining her delicate petals


a vase on a table

her roses of black;

white daisies now lie in a stale idea

of a better day


the darkness pushes on-

pushing her

close to the edge and she shifts her weight

bringing on her downfall

it was only a matter of time


the ground approaches

too slowly

she is trapped in limbo-

or so perceived

the height of the table is undefined and uncontained


though when she reaches the ground

and the pieces of her shatter

into miniscule bits of sand

a remarkable happening will occur


those tiny broken grains will prevail

into something bigger

something better


a ray of sun will shine again

just in time

leaving a break in the night


a pile of fine, while glitter


though different,

changed now,

she sparkles again

fending off the black

-Victoria Suzanne


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