Sky's Never the Limit

Monotony can kill the spirit, sap the soul.

But I have something I hold to me,

To tell the truth, it keeps me, mostly whole.

These Dreams are the essence of life; a dream, a quest to fly...

You have asked me a question--put my mind to a test--

what gives me vitality when my soul takes a plunge?

To put it as simply as I can, the stars give me life.

NASA, the Star Station, I want it all to be in my reach!

The work I put in, the studies, they're troubling toils,

but watch me work through it, watch me fly,

and don't you ever disbelieve in me!

One day I'll reap the spoils; I'll make it to the skies!

These are the dreams that keep a light inside of me.

So I'll speak out, tredge on, and keep my head held high and voice strong.

For my dream, the dream that I have, will keep all the shadows at bay.

I will stay true to this path, true to my way

and remember that the skies not the limit--

I'll one day travel within and beyond it.


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