Of Aspiration and Destruction

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 19:03 -- Seradar


Where does a heart lie, where can it live?

In the labyrinthian minds of those who create, in the light of those that give?

How do you comprehend their heart, to answer would be to lie,

In passion, dedication, and aspiration so great

you simply seem but to pry.

What tribulations must be faced, what pain, anguish, or distraught

Which throughout their years, they have no doubt fought.

How can you expect to understand their life

To comprehend their passion, without strife,

If you can not take a moment, simply one

To see that their dreams may no longer be, for the sake of joy

or for the sake of fun.

We hold so many up on a pedestal, like some great...thing

That what we once held them for, soon holds no meaning.

We are all pieces in the puzzle of the world, each as important as the rest,

So stand up, take no more, let us fix this mess.



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