A city addiction




.....Because I listen through the ears of Miami

A universal language we all understand,

A mental recreation in constant demand. 

Headphones in on Lincoln Road, 

I wonder…

Without material benefits, why do we keep it?

Our souls grip notes greedily because we feel it.

Like the drugs of this city, it’s all around our streets,

It is its own drug- synthesized by a beat.


I say to you nothing will bring together a city like this 

Without the multi-dimensional effect of….Music.


From the reverie lights of UMF to Calle Ocho’s vibrant flow, it’s a bonding drug. 

No living being should question the use of it. 


The crescendo, painted with a thousand cultures, swirls through the city streets.

I am one with the rise and fall of the din…

.....Because I listen through the ears of Miami


Inject my ears with this compelling drug,

Not for an intelligible physiological effect, but a stimulant experience,

To venture out of the norm and unveil all of its brilliance.


I become sensibly insensible as I latch myself onto the melody and it continues to 

seize my worldly emotions… leaving all reality behind....

Like an out of body experience, everything I have known relative to my physical existence is now irrelevant, casting me into my next dimension... 



I escape through the speakers, to jump an unimaginable chasm from reality to



It ventures into the disregarded ardent subsection of my soul..


You listen, I feel.


You hear the instrument, I explore their theoretical properties.


You know the notes, but I understand them.


You recognize the difference in every song and enjoy, while I

.... I recognize a difference in every song and relate.

....Because I, I listen through the ears of Miami.



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