I am a victim


I wish I could open up and let someone love me. 

I wish I didn't jump when people touch me.

Maybe I should stop cutting and calling myself ugly.

But it's not that easy when you have your own personal bully.

Who everyday makes you feel like nothing.

And they cut so deep with their words just to be funny.

But I feel as if they cut so deep with their words im actually bleeding.

I go home contemplating suicide so I can finally be free, and happy from all the rumors spread about me. 

As I stare into the mirror seeing nothing but the emptiness and the self harm scars covering my body.

When I give in to the temptation of cutting there is shame, sorrow, and defeat but also a source of relieving.

It is almost like the pain is the blood flowing out of my body.

People tend to stare, laugh,and judge me, because of the thick knitted sweaters I wear in the hot summer heat.

Noone ever thinks about how I am feeling.

Noone cares about what I am thinking.

I am isolated by society because of bullying, because to society I am and will always be nothing.

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