At first, I said nay

until she came my way

to brighten up my life;

to ease up my pains.

I had yet to hear from miracles;

that they existed in plain,

or plainly insisted

to never show their face.

"Oh, dear, my fears, they're now deprived,"

was what I had stated

when all my sadness died

Her appearance pale as clouds,

her eyes a beautiful swirl;

a slither of bright ivy

but basically a sunny pearl.

So ignorant of her name,

I needed a title to label her,

but she insisted on choosing nature;

nature became my caregiver.

Caregiver of names,

I asked nature, "What do you suggest?"

nature looked at my dearest:

it said, "Daisy is best."

Daisy, ah Daisy,

the flower so white

with a brightness in the middle

that resembled the sky's life.

Oh! Just like my dearest

her appearance was white

her eyes were sunny

How fitting, isn't that right?

So I chose the best blossom,

to label my dearest cat,

her name is now Daisy

An awesome cat at that.










This poem is about: 
My family


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