The Mentality of Society


 People will always  question and judge every choice you have ever made.

Such as being in love with someone, when you just met them earlier that day.

Or putting trust in someone who you know everyday lies to your face.

Even having  sex with someone that doesn't even know your first name.

Sometimes we dont contemplate before we do and say.

Or sometimes we just  have those kinds of spontaneous days.

We all of a sudden forget  the consequences of our actions that will follow the next day

Doing what you love to do can easily be lead to  judgement, and society automatically looks at you as an abomination, a disgrace

Why do people instantly feel the urge to attack if you do not follow their specific ways.

You are immediatelty isolated from society If your choices and decisions that you make don't fit society's outlook on the human race.

If you do not have the same mindset  of society you are targeted and labeled as a mistake, this punishment is inhumane.


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