One job that may change my life.


Excerpt from his life, he would never want to recollect.

is an excerpt from his life that taught him myriad lessons.

When sufferings came abruptly, he had no one to support,

He had no one to talk and no one for convention.


His inner self screamed for help,

The blues caught him by the throat

He was left alone in the mid of dark

Ostracized by the society, unaware of the people's gloat.


He was unaware of his defects, he was ignorant about his faults

However, in the mid of dark, came a ray which was indifferent to his flaws

Its subtle touch was covalescent,

no utterance made him gnaw


The ray taught him a lot about life

and happiness was redefined.

The society merged him back in it,

his life was redesigned


I would like to be that ray

who will touch people's lives

The innocent, queer and eccentric minds

will be ready to get to jive.


I will attain my B.S degree in Psychology

and attain the power to understand people

My family and academic support will make me wise

my dream job will make me emotionally supple


However, the financial obstacle comes in between

it can make me think twice

but the needy patients need my help

And I should be ready to throw the dice


The job can change my life,

the job can change others's too.

The psychologists have a lot to work on

so, I'd like to be one of them too.




MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well said

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