Who I am to you

Who I am to you?

A woman.

A woman who has fun.

Who like to venture out and dance.

A woman with motivation and focus.

Someone who likes to run and lift.

A fashionista.

Someone who can lift up any spirits around the room.

A woman that can drive any man crazy.

A flirt.

An artist.


Someone who knows thyself.

Who will make you laugh when you see them.

But who I am to me?

A human.

A daughter.

A sister.

Someone who cannot sleep sometimes.

A person who does so much for very little. 

A girl who seeks a man's affection, love, loyalty.

Someone who lacks motivation at times.

Someone who hates to be alone.

A person who just wants to sit and do nothing sometimes.



But who I am to you?

A smile.




Why am I not who I am to you, who I am to me?

Because of the drape I wrap around me. 

I say little of the real me and focus more on your energy.

I feed you positivity and desire. 

So I can lose focus on my daily despairities. 

Desparities of old memories.


Tainted loves.

Bad habits.

I hate to discourage.

You can't see who I am to me.

I won't allow it.

You see. 

You may never approach it.

Not even mention it.

Not a whisper.

Or gossip.

For your sake you see what I present to you.

Who am I kidding

Its for my sake.

To keep me sane in front of the world.

To keep going.



To keep you from finding.

The true meaning of me.

You see part of me.

So who I am to you

Will forever remain

A woman of glee. 




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