Lost in Fantasy


Lost in a maze of trees, alone, forgotten

I stumbled upon a house, covered in the bowels of darkness,

A place familiar to a bird who is perched on a white oak.

Tiptoeing, branches swaying in wind

Forcefully yanking my gold locks back,

The door creaks open, leading to deceitful imaginations

Like children’s dreams and happy endings.


Lost within the kitchen, I find myself searching,

Searching the scent of sweet sugar oats

Awaiting to fulfill the never-ending


I partake of the food, wondering why it settles

So comfortably within the void of my belly.


Lost within the halls, stalking, creeping,

A room has been left open

For the uninvited.

I saunter inside, snuggling between sheets

Of a bed, remembering how well the thread

Runs against my rugged skin.

My toes curl, as I am wrapped up in the blissful

Shadows of the sunlight.


I feel overwhelming anger,

Raging like a war, as I glance at the

Gold locks cascading like a waterfall.

A bear swimming among fish

Rings inevitable death in my ears.

And the water blinds me, leaving

Only hatred and hunger to guide

My primitive desires.


Panicking, I am startled awake

By aliens to my memory.

Gracefully stumbling,

I escape, fear and death, trying

To pull me back in.

The warm feeling of belonging, now

Leaves my heart burning to cinders,

Blowing to dust in the wind.


Lost in desolation, the hunt for

Belonging becomes fantasy.









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My community
Our world
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