Twist and Shout-- Turn for the worst.-- Mood Swings

The Beatles

like 5 white Don Cheadles

Like 5 War Machines ready to make me the happiest man in the world


Groovy Movies

Boogie Nights, Rated R, 

Don't watch it you still ride backseat in a car

Butterflies, Bears and Life makes me happy

Don't kill these are you will make my mood crappy!


Don't! Don't Make my mood crappy!

Or I will hurt you!

Double Homicide!!!! I Will kill you and bring you back to life so I can kill you again!

Double Homicide!!

But I won't be quilty because you can't be in trouble for a crime you committed Twice!!!

Double jeopardy...

I love board games

Sometimes I pout

My mood is back to tranquil

Sorry for freaking out

That's my Achille's ankle.

Now I'm happy again :)

Cool as can be :)

Oh no, you hear that beeping?










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