Not One But Two


The mice do not run up the clock

But panic ensues as she discovers

She cannot stay with the others.


She runs the course

As she is forced

But loses something-

the peddler will be hunting.


The prince is hopeful

Though soon to be doleful.

For he does not know

That she will never show.


A peddler appears

And picks what is near.

Just his luck

Not one but two.


As he roams he asks

A shoe for you?

Not one but two!


The prince left empty handed

His lover must be stranded

Bare feet and poor

The price will never find her door


For she is locked

Up with the clock.

Her magic has left,

Left her distressed


Step sisters, step monster

The mystery lures

Them to the prince

Who has not been the same since


The mystery, he will not uncover

though he still searches near and far to find his lover.

The peddler made money

Selling slippers to the hot honey



The mice do run up the clock


For her bones have collected

Because the step monsters still rejected

She was the lover

Now forever her life is over.


The prince moved on ten years later

And in good faith would always hate her

Not the lover, but the monster

who knows Cinderella still haunts her

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