Where I'm From


I am from beautiful Hawai’i nei,

A place that keeps people here to stay.

From beautiful beaches to multi-races;

A land I was born in with features of my descendant’s faces.

Raised on Hawaiian food,

Learned the pigeon language.

This is a place to many known as the Sandwich Islands.


I am from a broken home and broken promises.

From a father who doesn’t know me, who left without an answer.

From a mother strong and powerful, who raised my brother and I alone.

From a life that kept me doubtful.

From two brothers, Dante and Ikaika, one who I don’t know and who I fight,

We argue and scream just to prove which one is right.

From grandparents that have been through a lot, but never letting it show,

This is where I’m from and what I want you to know.


I am from friends that are family,

And family that are friends.

We stick beside each other until the very end.

We’re like Tom and Jerry ready to start a brawl,

But we always pick each other up when we start to fall.

My friends are my siblings and a huge part of my life.

True friendship they say, has no real price.


I am from a Christian background.

Born and raised under the power of God,

Trying to follow the Ten Commandments.

Memories of attending church,

Looking for my inner holy spirit.

Wanting to dance on the clouds of heaven with Lord Jesus Christ.

Praying to God that my life will soon turn out right.


I am from multiple ethnic backgrounds.

From African American to Hawaiian,

Filipino to Chinese,

French to Spanish.

A beautiful creation making who I am everyday,

This is where I’m from and who I still am today.

I am from crazy, funny, educational cartoons.

From Blue’s Clues to Rugrats,

CatDog to SpongeBob SquarePants.

Laughter and joy lying in the warm hot sun,

Playing with Barbie’s and Cabbage Patch dolls just having so much fun.

Riding my first bike,

Wishing I learned how to fly a kite.

Going to soccer practices,

Spending time with my loved ones under the shade.

These are the memories that will never fade.


I am from a little girl,

Born on this earth to live strong and free,

Striving to accomplish her every wildest dreams.

This girl grew up to become someone she wanted to be,

Even though her future didn’t leave a key.

She goes through the toughest obstacles,

But never lets them get into her way.

A guided path that she chose to let her see,

To finally uncover that the girl is me. 


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