In Bloom

Using paper maché with a wire armature, I created a blooming sunflower able to stand on its roots.

Much like a delicate flower, society grows, changes, and blooms. The flower represents us, and all the potential beauty, waiting to come full bloom.

The flower is covered in various words to represent the value we hold on things, and their ability to take away from the beauty in society. As you get closer to the roots of the flower, you can see the words become more detramental in tearing society apart. Just a few of the words used were: hesitation, famine, love, war, rage.

Lastly, I made a light watercolor wash. I wanted to convey to the viewer that even though these actions could cause us to wilt and die, there is still hope. The wash reflects that wash of hope that is still left in society.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world