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I tell my therapist I think I am incapable of love At least not with someone who will love me back And maybe I learned it from my mother Or the father who couldn’t love me even if he wanted to And I don’t blame you
engrossed while guarded squirming through smiles we peddle concrete lies,  unload them on the plate. words drop stillborn  like some laughable miscarriage. practicing risk analysis
Had to pick up the piecesTo mend a broken heartSo I put myself out thereMade a brand new startDownloaded the appFilled out my bioThen selected "submit"Said "here we go...".(Chorus)
Oh my sweet boy You who were once my morningstar Far away and too far gone Lost amidst the endless sea Drowning you with each crushing wave
Shall I speak to you my secrets in hushed and airy tones near the warmly-lit fire? Sweet taste of nectar and honey you praise me and forget yourself. How this narrative reminds me of one such time
She’s the perfect girl Beautiful, Smart, and Kind Can get pretty irresistible at times I just need some time To pray to the lord To make this soul so divine I’m bored at home
Watching you drive away was like trying to stop the rain so I stood there watching wishing you'd come back   Watching you drive away was like being ripped in half I watched you push the gas
You weren’t storm, but hurricane They’ll name them all after you now Through my rose colored glasses Your clenched fists looked like hands to hold
Just one short embrace Enough to make me crave more You walk far away I can't seem to remember A time you were here with me
HELLO LOVE! ~ by Debi Lyn   Thou art greatly missed Darling. When shall I again
There was once a moment        Where I was blinded by city lights, trampled by tall towers,    stepped on by city streetwalkers,       And all of it seemed so small in comparison. 
He was born Sophia. But it doesnt fit him, and that name is as dead as the flowers I have pressed in my journal. Always there, a reminder, what I have to call hm in front of his mom.
The concept of abstract thought Is so unfathomable, that in our own perspective We can fathom it   Can picture it in our mind's eye and clutch it like the last life line of a sinking ship
Liber watched the humans from above, Wishing she could feel their love. So she descended from the sky Her beauty made the mortals cry.
Her face is like the midnight sky. The whites of her eyes are half moons, and the stars escape when she cries. I hope she doesn''t anytime soon, but I've tagged her with graffiti constellations,
He plans meticulously.   She smiles with the warmth of a thousand ancient fires, and her eyes twinkle to rival Venus in the night sky. Whose maze was he in?
Love to be longed for, thinking it existed no more.    He builds up my hopes, then tears down my dreams.   Never knowing how much, to me, he really means.  
He sits so close, but the silence turns the inches into miles and   every slight noise causes an avalanche in my chest   as I wait for him to say something. Anxious Reticence.  I have changed so much. 
Heart Breaking Tear Inducing My world stopped when you left Sleepless Nights Numb Feelings I couldn’t pick myself back up I wanted to forget I wanted to stop existing All together
You would think after dating someone for a whole year that you would know what to get them for your one year anniversary.  365 days of talking almost every day and I still sometimes forget the simple things 
I remember… It’s hard not to remember The pain you put me through…
Strong arms and even stronger abs  A smile that could make the sun himself so drab  Eyes so piercing that they gaze into my soul  This was my idea of ‘boyfriend goals’ Then college comes 
She came around the corner  As I stood on my phone My eyes met hers and I was no longer alone We talked for hours in that side street cafe Until they kicked us out to close for the day
What love is not Love is not cynical Love is not unkind Love is not controlling Love is not blind   Love does not harm Love does not boast  
Taking the plunge without knowing What was waiting  When this love was done growing. It was my first time dating, And I had no idea how good it would be.
I told another lie today I pretended I was well Covered the bruises, hoped they'd fade Because you told me not to tell.   Though I whispered, "please stay" I want it to be over,
I lie in bed every night, The guilt seeps into my dreams,   Someday they'll catch you, And I'll be waiting, Gripping smoldering justice, Like a loaded gun.   I'm eternally conflicted,
She submerged deep into the depth of her kindness, Her naivety drowned her, strangled her.  She couldn’t complain, she had done it to herself after all. Betrayal, disgust, and irritation, 
Fingers frozen to keys . I fall in love with hands . I care not for faces , breasts, genitalia All I need are your hands.
In a stereotypical patriarchal society,  I would soon have wifely duties and keep my mouth shut.  How boring.    "Your poor boyfriend," they say because I remind him, in the future,
I see his face and her face, I see all the rest But do you not see the hole in my chest?   I hear his voice and her voice, I hear theirs too But darling, where's your voice? I only want you.  
A bird who loves his cage and his view of the tree Is still a bird in captivity The loveliest of cells still has the power to derange   I wanted so desperately to be free The tempting breezes to leave me be
Dandelions sure do look like flowers But they're weeds that wilt in just a few hours To my untrained eye, it looked like a real dollar bill But a distorted George screamed "Counterfeit" and still
You didn't want me You wanted to be wanted You wanted someone's world to revolve around yours You wanted constant attention And reassurance And sympathy You wanted me to make you feel better
To all the boys that loved me  I can never imagine a world where Deja's vu didn't exist you've become recycled news paper using tired headlines to draw out old editions
Like I drug I was addicted I couldn't see that you were vindictive Using me to get back at her Shattering my fragile heart like a mirror Freezing over from the coldness of your heart
Love is like a rose, maybe that's why roses are givin' to loved ones on special occasions Such as; Valentine's Day, anniversaries, special events, and sometimes just to say I love you. 
"Did you see me calling?", you say I have an excuse for everything, you hate that "There must be another reason for this, you not picking up the phone" say Maybe I just want to be alone
You told me to delete your number I did that The fact that we stopped talking Ended up with us walking Away from each other But I didn't care one way or another It was over
another relationship another breakup today, our one month anniversary  she breaks up with me after isolating herself for days blaming me not even trying to fix things
Is it love, my love? When you look upon me with your lustful eyes, Is it lust, my love? When you show me high respect, Is it love, my love? When our toungues are tied together, Is it lust, my love?
I could get lost in the beatuy of your eyes Compare the, to the beatuy of nature Crystal blue lakes, perciuos gems I could say they remind me of home Of feeling safe Call your eyes bright as the stars
i am sorry i am sorry if you confused me for home usually flowers do that too.   i dont blame you for doing that i dont blame you for throwing words into the sky
You can't tell me that you ever cared about me or my feelings when the one time I sleepily told you I loved you (on accident), you told me that I didn't
I think I'm falling in love with a ghost, dear, I think I'm falling asleep. I see him on the edge of my vision, singing me soft lullabies with ethereal beats.    The ghost's eyes peer out at me,
Dear ------ -----:   "You just have to say it. Tell him. Trust me, you'll feel better." I wonder if it's really that easy.
Think you're all that Grab a girl and plant a kiss and say you can't help cheating Here they all come rushing back This one this one is mad at you now cause you went and kissed the new girl
Do you think about me the way I do about you? Do you reminisce about the past we once shared? I await the day when I can hold your hand again and smile because of our love Do you think about me, too?  
Dear Sasha,   Today I walked along the edge of the harbor In Medemblik, the Netherlands, With my grandmother's arm in mine. I noticed a boat among the others That looked like nothing extraordinary
To my ex-lover, or, perhaps, “lover” is too generous   You were my friend first, and then we were more. And even though we lost contact, we came back to each other
I see your shirt, I see you in it,  Then back out of it again.   Every night I end up in the same place, At the bottom of the hole that you dug for me.
You are the closest image of home I have ever encountered. I buried my secrets into your crumbling foundation. My truths filled the holes of your cracking backbone. You loved it; more so you needed it to survive.
Dear Aunt Cathy, this was my day It started in an unusual way   My alarm rang, it screamed and it blared  Nobody else in my family cared   It was my own job to shut off that thing
my heart runs fast but the bile in my throat deepens you make me sick to my stomach and my stomach sick to it’s stomach your laugh resonates in my head
  Wasn’t Enough I wasn’t enough
You bit me when I was tenderbecause you knew i was easy prey.Knowing i would fall weak at the knees on the cogency of your wordsKnowing I was soft as the petals scattered on the bathroom floor.
I no longer wake up to the “26 reasons why you love me.” Do you remember the bright red poster you made me? Red was your favorite color.
To whom I have yet to forgive,   You left me depressedYou left me undressedYou left me caressedAnd of course, what's left   Abused and usedI hope you're amused  
run to the water  to the shower the river  the ocean to rinse  to cleanse the dirt  left on my flesh  but the dirt is far from brown its blue its purple its tender 
To all young people considering returning to a boy who forfeit his right to be called a boyfriend I have some advice  
i called. as i listened to my phone ring- going once, going twice- it stopped; my heart did, too.   for a moment, i thought you had answered. but then, oh, but then, there goes the ringer,
Today I let go,  I move pass this, No longer feeling like I need you, The apology isn´t going to change the past, So I forgive you.. After all the lies, I forgive you.
You taught me to fear You taught me to worry You taught me fake love You taught me to drink away the pain You taught me I was ugly and worthless
I am not lessYou are not moreThough we may fussIt’s each other we’re for. When the moon risesI take you on adventures,You bring me surprisesThey all become treasures. You, me, we are forever,You say “I can count on you,”.You say when we’re togethe
let me tell you the story of a boy who wasn’t man enough to love.   it goes something like:   because i love you… i can’t be with you.
What is love? Is it just a word to say? Is it a belief I can use just to get my way? Is it the voice inside your head that says, “Because of me, the verbal abuse is okay."?
“Dating is a chain in which two or more people gather in an enjoyable, consensual romantosexual relationship.” That is what the textbook’s stating But let me tell you the reality of dating Now, don’t get me wrong
I love you.I can bite, and I can heal your every wound.I can make you cry with silent screams or smile with good intent.
I. Just. Love. You. No words in the world are more true   People say that I want many things Maybe a dress and maybe a ring That I ask too much I should love for a touch
“Because I love you” is not an apology is not a ball and chain is not an excuse. It is a truth. It is a reason. It is a motivation.   When it is sincere And pure
#BecauseILoveYou It’s cool and early in the morning And the sun is peeking over the horizon I slip on my shoes And skip down the front steps
The Teller   I looked in your eyes, but I just couldn’t see A glimmer of hope reflect back to me The hours we spent the laughs we cashed in But the bank closed at 5 and it’s a quarter till 10  
It teaches you who you are And shows you what you’re becoming The foundation To healthy relationships So that you’re not left there stumbling There’s only one person I’ve ever fallen in love with
Sisters-  If a man ever pleads  with you, saying, "It's  what all guys do  to girls," it is  your job to tell him  but one thing: be different. 
See the girl balancing there Upon the rickety pedestal you built for her Holding her aloft when she is afraid she might fall. But she loves you So she stays;
For one does not know the meaning of love Until one has fallen captive For now, they think of only the other And how it all had happened  
They built me up, And knocked me down, Over And over And over And over. A cycle of trying to impress,
A man lies in bed, Thinking of life, And the name of that idea Was the one of his wife.   He smiled as he picked up his pen, Writing in his book, And the way he stroked his pen
A man lies in bed, Thinking of life, And the name of that idea Was the one of his wife.   He smiled as he picked up his pen, Writing in his book, And the way he stroked his pen
Love is not tears Manipulation or jeers Nor is it lies and coercion. Love does not hurt
“Because I love you, you should stay.   You should ignore whatever they’ve told you. I love you, don’t listen to them. I know I hurt you.
A heart is as big as you want it to be Say it again? A heart is as big as you let it grow like wool on a sheep. Hearts are fragile and can't prepare theirselves. Mostly, it's the brain doing the work.
It’s been a year: 365 days, 8760 hours, A full rotation around our star.   I left you on the pier: A boat filled dock,
You don’t judge me for my flaws, you take them into appreciation and pause  It may be the way you look at me or the way you make me feel  But inside I’m certain that you help me heal.  It is because of this, 
When we moved from Missouri to Oklahoma state We did not have a place of our own on that dateAnd so some local church members offered their guest house to us on a loan
My body is cold. My fingers, frostbitten and blue. The hairs on my arms protrude upwards, bumps litter my sugary skin. I see each breath I take fogging the air and the window in front of me.
How did this happen? The odds  Astronomical The chances Celestial Seven billion lives Beginning, ending, colliding And I find you And you find me How  How How
I am sorry, it is time for me to depart I have seen the person that you really are Yet, he wishes for me to stay Pulling the same trick just so I stick around for another day
“I do it because I love you,” He will say when he goes through your things.  “It’s not because I don’t trust you,” He will tell you, but he enjoys the fights that his actions bring.   
A friend just asked me If I like anybodyAnd that one question Brought back memories of another time when That question ha
To find my true loveable princess, I'm told is a probable success. All of the dates I must try, And all without being shy, But she now wears a mundane housedress.
Because I love you Means giving up time Means listening well Means a heart that rhymes   Because I love you Means an earlier shower
Even blind eyes recognize real lies, Her real eyes soon and surely realize, That these guys can't provide,.. what their boasting and bragging describe,
When you wake up and snuggle into our pillows Your smile when we see after a long time How you hide your face when we are called lovers
I can feel that it's going to rain Yet I don't reach for an umbrella It's the calm before the storm that I really love Yet our storm has already happened And now it's the after affects that haunt me
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; color: #454545} When we met, I loved you. And when we grew, I lost you.  
I missed your call earlier, and it was okay. You didn't repeatively call, to "make sure I was OK" I was busy doing homework, and you caught me off guard with "I understand"
You should be with the one you love, As love is what matters to the one above, Society in which is scattered; would bunch together if our hearts came as one, Oh society holds us apart, But why?
Summer time, crisp hot air, beautiful blue sky, and calmness, Heart damaged along with a wall built up the highest; trying to forget, Walking to the corner store to get some drinks, 
"Because I love you" Doesn't mean it's okay  For me to do as you say.   The phrase "because I love you" Should only be used to express An act of love, of gratitude; it must not be used as a screw.
The reason that I love you is simply very clear, 'cause when I am around you I can feel no fear. Enfolded in your arms, warm in your embrace, all of my troubles I know I can face. Since you are my darling and my dear
Help me understand. I must know. I cannot comprehend why you beat him down knife in hand. You tell them you regret him,
What is love Love is a chemical reaction   Love isn’t black eyes and bruised cheeks Love is gentle caresses and soft kisses on Sunday mornings  
I can tell By looking at you This is love You like the Broncos I like the Colts You are outgoing I’m an introvert You have an Xbox I have a Wii But, still, we work perfectly
I know what an abusive relationship is, Its not always physical,  Though sometimes it is,  I saw it in the eyes of my friend who was raped by her boyfriend,
she worried about him as his family drama drew his cigarette closer as the smoke filled his lungs, time kept getting slower. as the aroma of nicotine filled the air, she could feel and smell his hurt and despair.
When I used to sleep at nightMy mind would always take flightIn the morning I'd wake up and you'd just take flight I can't stand to in my sightYea ain't nothin rightAbout you and me Us and theyHe and she ain't shit  All I want to do is loveWhy can
Everything you say starts with, “Because I love you.” But you don’t. You never did. If this was love, you wouldn’t say everything Is always my fault.
Even silence is ecstasyYour heartbeat in my ear, a steady drum.Monumental or minimal calamitiesUntil my breathing levels,your fingers comb my hair.  Your hand in mine, a rushed societal defianceBut you are unabashedly in love.Fierce pride in your
“Because I love you.” Multiple definitions For words so loving.   “Because I love you.” Manipulative gestures
I was broken, battered and beaten.
Deep inside is where it hides,  I tried and cried but on the outside im bright,  People don't seem to notice my painful tears    my broken heart and a worthless thoughts,  I tried loving you with everything I had
love is patient, it is also kind it can be hopeful and sometimes scary, but it can also be evil it is selfless, maybe selfish love is an experience it can be everything you ever hoped it would be
You shudder at the thought of me wanting someone else. Yet the thought of you drifting won't quell. Even if you get board of dragging an oar over this water of uncertainty I have faith that you wont jump ship,
Beauty and the Beast may be A tale as old as time, But when adding in apps like Tinder, we see How it fits the modern dating paradigm.   The prince spent his night Mindlessly swiping right
Your fingers trace my skin, like a pencil on a map. Slowing down over my edges, like a car on a mountain. I never know where your journey will take you. I just hope I am there to see it.
Do you remember the night that guy told you that you were the eighth wonder of the world? Why can’t you see yourself like that? Why do you insist on repeating the words of the past in your head countless times a day?
Will I ever find a boy who loves me as I am?   But how long will it last before the beast inside reveal?   Can I learn to tame before time makes its mark  
We were kids turning pages, in a couple year long love story and it ended pages ripped, i'm sorry.    My starry eyes didn't last, dear diary, I kept them waiting, then left them
I wake this morning to my surprise  someone is there the World in his eyes Am I dreaming? Thoughts rationalize I fell asleep here Brain replies Who is this one
The thunder; it roars in the night resembling my stomach, for which I haven't ate a thing in days. Staring at my food, picking around it with my fork. The wind seems to blow cold sharp shards into my skin.  
how dare youplunge your fingers into me,reach in through the skin,and brush my heart. and how dare youpull back, empty-handed. 
Why does it hurt so much? The words that fled your mouth into my ears still linger in my brain. And the promises you made, the hope you fed me and the lies I gobbled up, gullible child I am,
There were three of you that broke my heart: Uno, Dos, and Tre.
When I was thirteen, I knew exactly who  I was going to marry. He would be tall, and strong, with black hair  and even blacker eyes. He would be my protector.
It feels like I’ve never been alone before. Obviously I have, but that was so many years ago. I grew comfortable, you were a huge part of my life. Although, you were the part of my life that held me back.  
And then, there was silence. You were just a memory. Your voice, your words, your face, your smile.
I murdered you. I made absolutely sure. I jammed the knife right through The piece of my heart In which you had chosen to dwell. It's alright, I justified, The act was clearly self-defense,
Katrina DeKett Papered Love Poem   999. 1 more and peace.  Half over half, color side up.  1 more and peace.
I remember when realized, Our favorite song was the same. I felt like you had looked at me, And seen right through my brain. You hold my face while kissing you, Your eyes they look so deep.
Thanks to you  I was left feeling blue. You finally gave me a chance To get out of your trance. Thanks to you I was left without a "how-to" I didn't know how to move on
Well, your arms are strong as tides, But you sway her like the wind You breathe me in like ocean currents,
And if you see me again, You won't see me smiling And if I see you again,
Why is it that I can sense a snake in the grass and will run in the opposite direction but when I felt you inching closer and closer to me I watched you like a National Geographical special, a child mesmerized by the carnival rides
There are minimal downsides to being a Poet, But one of the few is that it's difficult to simultaneously be One As well as the girl you want me to be.   It's difficult becuase we'll be in English class,
This year has passed just like all the others It's last moments a whisper, before it joined it's brothers On his deathbed, I spoke to my old friend While we both knew that he would never mend  
Never have I ever been so happy Warning: this poem may be really sappy Goodness, I love you   The way you sometimes look at me Like I am all you can see When you smile and your eyes twinkle
His hair spills around his face like a halo of curls His eyes are dark and careless and captivating They are black holes and I am falling, falling in His laugh sounds like a waterfall Rushing out Spilling out When he laughs his whole body laughs S
Today is the day I have a date today With a guy who just seems great He is just like me in countless ways We have the same order at Subway
July 22 2016   I never thought that I would cross the colour line It wasn’t about being pro Black it was about being pro Love
He had been poison in her veins And she was insanity to his brain They made each other sick Whether it was the with love kind Or felt bonded to a contract they'd signed Knotted by promises
Profile: Hello! I enjoy literature, comic books, And nerdy T.V. shows. I like to swim, dance, hike, and draw. My name is Ariel.  
Love is like on coming traffic, you have no control over it. You don't know what is going to happen next or how it will impact you.
Teasing me all day, driving me crazy in your special way. Now the anticipation is driving me crazy I can hardly wait. Finally the time has come for us to be as one. As I layhere in bed waiting for you,
He made everything better I don’t know how he did it and I don’t think he did either He could help me through anything
  "I hope you always find a reason to smile. "-Anonymous   In the events that occurred I hope you find what you've been missing
You’d been with her for eight years. And you wonder why I can’t always be with you emotionally. eight years is nothing to a couple months. She knows everything about you and she was your whole world for eight years.
I’d try to find you in the stupidest places, I’d be watching a movie and find you, I could find you in the street lights, or reflecting off the lake, or in the smoke that pours out of my cigarette,
They stopped saying goodbye. The kisses, laughs, and shared moments disappeared without warning. “I found someone else,” she whispered. “I know,” he said back. She got up and left.
Bam bam! One fist after the other. Pow pow! One too many hits.
First came love like a roaring fire, Burning intensely with flames only getting higher. The roses were bought out of a love so deep. I stayed up all night missing precious sleep.
My heart was a sacred garden. Your stare was the rich soil. Nurturing kisses became the water. Your voice was my everlasting sunshine. My lilacs began blooming into purple rays. Illuminating. Glowing. Weeping. Falling.
Another smile, another tear, Another kiss, a lot more fear, Another hit, nothing is clear, Another memory that will last for years. Another heart that has been broken, Another wound that has been opened,
You say that you only want someone for Summer and it ends when fall comes with change of color Oh darling do you see my face? and I can't stand to let it go to waste My love , we are but like two doves
You creep into my mind And it's like I can't be sane without you. You kept me high all the time. Your touch was so intoxicating. All I want is to have you in my arms again And hear your voice next to my ear.
All you do is hurt me. Your actions are evil and so are you. I don’t know if I’ll ever be free.   You are so abusive and beastly.
Before you date somebody with amental illness, you must rememberthat calling them beautiful willnot adjust their brain's chemicallevels.  Sweet words do not reversesickness that plagues the mind
Putting her on a pedestal makes you a fool. Lust only lasts for so long, so take time for yourself so you don't get stuck in the wrong. Return to your interests instead of what controls you.
My hunger survives off your belligerent smile, as it puts the blazing sun up in my sky It's those nonsensical possibilities you whisper which floods my being with your eyes
How do you know When you’ve outlived Your welcome? I’ve always been distant Never right in front of you If I weren’t anchored to this body
I didn't love you normally, I love you, Like I am an artist that for you Can only draw a smiley face in fogged up glass I love you like cheesy romance movies and rainy days. 
Everyone on earth has heard it before It's a new car alarm Or a knock at your door A story so old they found it carved in stone With all of the scrolls And neanderthal bones.
Part I. They Fell In   Simply put I cannot understand you The way you make my chest shorten And the way all this furniture of our lives came about
Opening the balcony door The wind gushes, whipping thru my hair My ball grown beautifully swaying My heart pounding, what are you saying? Looking out over the terrace Down at the lights of Paris
BAE means before all else. Its a term of endearment used by teens.
There once was a time when you came into my life  We were once just a friend, teasing each other with playful remarks And giving witty comebacks to each other’s responses.
A vast, endless green field Overwhelms me with its beauty The soft, billowing breeze won't yield How I wish you were here with me Flowers of ev'ry hue Dance so slowly to the wind's beat
You know the twinkle in your eyes most people notice when you smile? I see stars and galaxies and colour. I’m often so preoccupied
She Her cheeks were flushed Her lips, a curve Her heart, how it rushed Better than I, she deserved I was gravel under her feet She was a rose in the park I was sand in the street
Facebook Request  Like  Message  Hey  Flirt  Date  Butterflies Flirt  Date Calls  Kisses  Deep conversations
looking like just my kind of troubleoverworn jeansthreadbare t-shirtholding a pen like a cigarettehalf a smirk for all who lookedhair too long, nails too shortyou told a joke and the
Waking up Weary and teary eyed Wearing his cologne unwilling Wanting to escape his grasp Willing myself to move on Wanting to escape the memories Wearing my own name Weary from my fight
do you miss me do you think of me
Do you even know who I am inside? Did you stop to look deep into my eyes? How could you not know, how can you not see, In everything you do what it does to me.
When we were first together it was all so unclear. I wanted you so badly, but all I knew was fear. Then you held me in your arms and whispered in my ear.
I don't know what to do anymore, I've tried so hard to save us, I've given you everything I have, I'm all yours, But are you all mine, I can feel us drifting,
I have a paper heart,
I lay in bed,
It was by chance I stumbled  into the fierce lions terrain  and he looks like all the rest  with large claws, sharp teeth, and his mane   Instinct readied my legs to run 
She said she'll think of whitty jokes just to show that it's not all smoke. She said she'll think of interesting facts but the fact is that the pact was supposed to be that she would go on a date with me.
When you truly in love  Someone age doesn't matter . weather it  2 yrs , 5 yrs ,10 yrs ,15 yrs or 30 yrs  love is love  A TRUE relationship isn't about  the age , height, weight, or the distance
You say you want to date me, but I think you might hate me And when you hear what I speak, I think you might just agree I'll give you 3 reasons, just listen, you'll see
Oh, I've got no problem eating alone. Make no mistake-- I can eat what I want when I want it. I can think how I look like I go where I want. I can see whom I please, Say what I mean,
So I took a deep breath and asked her name And she said hi, my name is kate And I said hello But I knew she wouldn’t let me go   Cuz some people connect immediately  and other split immaculately but I know
Say no, say no, say yes, say yes. No- to abuse. It's not necessary, not right. Twenty-eight percent are in an intimate relationship! Ninety-eight percent of offenders- aren't punished!
When he wraps his arms around me, I am in a sleeping bag on a mountain,  Peaceful and shielded from the breeze. When he tells me that he loves me,  I am listening to soft, beautiful music
  Another world inside of me That no one else will ever see Mostly it is comforting But in the dark where no one sees It's actually quite lonely..
I suppose that in a way
Growing up your my main inspiration, I gave you hardship and lots of frustrations, But you’ve always been there when I needed some love, Arms spread open hugging me like a glove,
Love can make us do stupid crazy things, Things that never in a million years you thought would do. Things you regret doing.   However, at the time it does not occur to us how our actions ruins us on the inside
People ask me why I don't date in the same way they'd ask a sick man what's wrong with him.
Broken   I can help it; I can focus on other things But it seems I’m self possessed on creating love. It’s a vague light, opaque at best and maybe because I need things to be perfect
My heart no longer mourns for your love,
I pulled back the curtain once, You told me it was safe. You saw that I am a klutz,
When we’re kissing, don’t worry about your chapped lips.
Your honeysuckle tongue has all the backlash of a whip, 
You see only the honey that drips from my tongue; I sit in anticipation for the day I bare my fangs and reveal the blood on my teeth. I'll add your heart to my collection,
Why don't you go and call me baby. My lips are pink as valentines, I know.  Honey, it might be a bit of a shock  He'll make you bleed but- Foreplay helps calm any nerves a LOT- ! 
Seven o'clock I walk Into the doors of my high school, my black high school Where People do whatever it takes to be considered cool I walk into the bathroom choking from the smoke Uhg I hate this school I complain daily
Love is a beautiful thing,
'Yer jalan athhirari anni,' she says. 'Moon of my life.' 'Shekh ma shieraki anni,' I whisper back. 'My sun and stars.'   But girls shouldn't date girls They shouldn't hold hands or kiss 
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to say whatever you want without ridicule? Or maybe you want to do physical things like grabbing a can without issue.
You say I am a decent writerSo I write this one to youYou who loves me for all of meNot just the me that is nice and pleasantBut the me that is mean and dark and confused
This is as quiet as it gets So please don’t break this silence Just hush down and fall asleep I promise not to make a sound so you don’t wake This moment is the calming before the storm
In the 3in by 2in picture
I speak on fear, depression, and realization.  Success to me only comes when all three of these things plays together as one. The battle is all within yourself and will always be.
I want to see you, you say. And so you see me through the sage green stitches of my grandmother's crocheted yarn, And so you see me Lying above the cherry-cola leather sofa. And so you see me,
Lost in another compilation of complications. A group of her friends worsened the situation. I can't take this nonsense anymore I'm walking out the door. I'm not leaving you but I'm leaving this relationship.
    My story goes unspoken The pain went unknown,
They say you spend your whole life rewriting the first poem you ever loved. With you, my dear, you were my first poem. I remember the way I said I loved you, I remember the way you shrugged. The way my heart was stolen.
SLAP! I didn't mean to upset you I'm sorry I don't know why I always have to ask so many questions. SHOVE! Down the stairs I'm falling
Raindrops on my window Teardrops on my cheeks. The pain is so strong that it is sinking in. I thought about calling you and pouring my emotions out, but there is so much to say I would have to shout.
Emotionally invested into something I once protested.
Her alarm goes of and she hits it with all her strength Her bed is soaked from the night before   She gets her favorite jeans and matches it with her favorite shirt
Allow yourself to grieve Discover the way his name sounds when spoken from a throat tight with tears How it sounds thrown against the wall, shattering
Time Wasted, Spent Wondering, Waiting, Pondering Happiness, Smile, Anger, Sorrow
Your head is fuzzy
To be LOVED by ONE Man is better, than to be LIKED by HUNDREDS of Boys. 
Hannah was late coming home this evening. Traffic was slow and she had trouble leaving. Work was hard and she hadn't any time
Hello  Umm......  I apologize if I'm a bother  I usually don't do this because I'm....  Well I get nervous  But I just wanted to tell you that you are gorgeous 
What to do with all the hurt? When inside you're fit to burst. You're supposed to be so strong. You're supposed to not be wrong. Put a face that betrays the truth. Give an air of being aloof.  
I want to believe that everything you've said is true, but I just can't trust myself to trust in you. You've told me lies, you've made me cry. I'd stay up all night trying to figure out why.
When I cry it's in vain When lightning strikes the tame
I find myself lost as if I fell from a peak The mountain I stand on is no more Tumbling down a sea of diamonds – all unique Part of an avalanche, a moving floor
How badly I want it. Maybe it’s this time of year Maybe it’s my own conjuring, My own extrapolation My own imagined solitude. But it’s eating me from the inside out Devouring its way through my heart
1. You got out of jail on Sunday.  The sudden realization that you weren't just a bad dream Cracks my eyes open, makes them bleed I was Alice falling through the rabbit hole
My mind wonders, My thoughts are twisted, These ideas in my head Are strung together With memories and emotions I'm unable to comprehend. Lying in bed looking down to you,
That Jungle Fever   We got an issue in America. . . It's called Interracial Dating/
This is pain is just too real The moment I got attacked by the wegded heel.
A vagina is a percious jewel? Seriously? And what is a penis? What is its mythical powers? Why does a woman have to explain her sexual history, intimacies and etc?
It's in his too-mellifluous voice,
I was in love with the wayyou always knew what you wantedhow you walked like you were the most important person in the roomI was smitten with your tiny bodyand how feminine you sounded when you laughed
The sterling silver and stripped car, with the squealing high pitched sound. May it break on a back road away very far and leave him stranded, never found.   The boy who tried that morning to hit me,
I know I just met you but please let me say we could get food.. I mean..I want you to stay. Ahhh not in a creepy way
life is bad, It makes no sense, Why would you hate a guy like me? No girl likes me, That I've come to know, But why do they all hate me? That I'll never know. So you tell me,
I’m no good at making choices so I let my hands do the talking, Blocking my heart from letting out what its been calling. My back is pinned in so tight I can no longer feel my heart beat,
  To whit the most passionate excesses wave from the body
Cuts are appearing,
  Your glasses left indents on your nose Like your words did to my persona It was something in your hands Wrinkled from holding on to loves lost and far gone You liked to choke the life out me
Stay inside your lonely head,                                                                                                                and tidy up your filthy bed,                                                                             
  Everything’s closing in, I can’t move,
We were friends back, years ago Back When She was a awkward nerd and my hair was nappy. Now We're all grown up, reunited, And All I want is to make her happy.
I break away from you, So I can live my life. I don't know what I'm going to do, Perhaps just try to survive. I'm able to do as I want and my voice will be heard, Because now I am as free as a bird.
Live your life like its your lastLet go of everyth
Ever gave someone your all and felt like its not enough. when you cry at night and feel like no one understands. and its like you been on the same rollercoaster so many times. and your tired but the more you try to get off the harder it gets.
This day is drawing to a close, the night is coming near, And somewhere out there stars light up, illuminate my fear. It takes a dense, steel wrecking ball to break through love’s embrace,
Explosions break the darkness And we fall from the sky— Blown to bits. Pieces of each of us glitter As they float down, Tossed around by the wind, Ever so gently, Nearing the earth.
Being an aspie can be a source of misery or a source of pride, it’s all in the bearer’s perception. “What’s an aspie?” you might ask. It’s a term for someone who bears the rigorous condition of aspergers.
I have recently come to the conclusion that   there are too many clocks and not enough time to explain   the euphoric spectrum of color you bring to everything we do.  
True luv doesnt hurt intentionaly, reality is abuse always hurts~ Fist or words the damage is the same. I can forgive the pain of ur fist faster than ur words. None i'll ever forget, foolishly most i'll forgive.
Invisible scars that aline her armTransparent bruises that do no harmMake up covers those nasty scarsLook at her now and look how far
My brain comprehends your words Twisting and distorting the meanings. It only focuses on the negatives.    My heart hears your words,  Embracing and realizing their true meanings.
Maybe the timing’s not right. Or maybe it’s just not meant to be. Should I put up a fight? Or should I let it be?   I keep running into you. We’re so close, yet so far.
An ocean of my blood and tearskilling me with my own fears.I let myself drownin all this misery.You can trybut I won't let you save me.
I am too young to be in love. I am too immature to be dating. I don't really know what I'm getting myself into. No. I am in love. I am mature. I know exactly what I'm getting myself into.
  Maybe you just have my hormones going That’s the reason my blood is flowing So quickly and you got my pulse thats pulsing So quickly you got my impulse going I kiss you and my whole bodies glowing
So you want to date a black girl?With her heavenly body, that looks as if it is God’s greatest creation.
I can't help but feel that something's offYou avoid meFor reasons that I cannot seeI feel like the third wheelWas what we had before surreal?
Please just let me go homeI can't stay hereNothing satisfiesI can't even eatThe sight of food makes me sickI just really want to leave
I turn in a circle and danceI won't even offer the past a second glanceWho needs you?I can make do! When it broke apartNothing weighed heavyNot even my heart
I stare at the dark abyss of my bedroomDaydreams flow through my headAnd I wonderA question that has bugged me for years
Why I Hurt What is this pain in my chest?I'm supposed to be better nowOver it But I guess I still hurtBecause no matter whatThings will never be the wayThey used to be
You scream for meTelling yourself liesTelling me that you love meI know you do You beg for meIt can never beI may love youBut the world is against us
I told him... "Pretty girls don't have scars," And I cried. With a finger under my chin, He made me look into his eyes. He told me that's what makes me beautiful And kissed every tear
My love my love Look only at me My love my love You belong with me When your gone, I can't stand the silence I go insane.   My love my love Stay with me My love my love
Love is like a candle. At first it burns bright, And then it dims, And then goes out. Just like a candle. And all that's left is a broken, melted, burning, oozing pile of melted wax.
Yes! Yes! He accept my friend request I could remember the joy that filled my soul It was so much it leak like snat coming through my nose my heart was like the prime minister on Election Day
I used to ache for you to know me.For you to wonder about my depths and reason, For you to fall into my cracks and find pieces of yourself you never knew you lost.I used to wish to hear those words drip from your lips,
For that which love does say And whisper rather than shout Only to cause some fray Then leave both sides to pout Love lasts long only when it wants to Often it breaks to become an empty shell
Maybe one day we can lay there and count all the stars    Not having one worry about life behind closed bars  I promise someday we'll catch every star and one day we'l reach for the moon   
I want you   She wants you So there's a decision But yet, no decision If you feel like you need to choose, I’ll help you out Pull out of the race, stop playing your game
head to chest, buried listening to lullabies of the heart...  and seeking comfort in the protection of your arms...
I take my seat in my usual chair. Hey, it’s good to see you! You too. How have you been? Silence. Tick…tock…tick…tock… I pick at what’s left of my nails. Okay Just okay? Yeah.
My bones hurt as they hit the bed. My stomach empty like a bitter morning from a nightmare. My tears burn as they meet my face. The rumbling in my heart scares me as it pounds me down.
  How many times will I  hear the same story of a  girl who saw a boy and  fell in hopeless, mournful love? How many times will I 
I will never look at you the same ever again. What you did to me, I will never understand. How dare you ever tell me you adore me! When now all you ever do is ignore me. I don’t understand how I could change your mind.
Loud were the sirens crying outand loud was the body that wanted to be let outWanted to be free and do whatever it pleasedNot knowing the regrets that it would reap.Loud were the warning bells that seemed to shout.
I do not much care when you call me weird, my heart is just in another place i can't say that your heart should be there, but that is where mine lies, in the crevice of this world.
You tell me you love me, Yet you treat me like dirt. Everything is a game with You; and you play with my heart.   It gets me to wonder, It gets me to wonder.   The way we share smiles,
Confined by these chains They're tying me down I'm feeling no pain as I helplessly drown Floating and spinning in the waves of despair A weight's being lifted
We were holding handsYou were looking at meThe way boys always doWhen they want something moreI got up and walked awayI just wanted spaceWe were on a couch in a clothing store
iris a remnant of ancestral land what left with the emerald isle ocular traits  those you so heavily rely on suitors respond alike the tides to gravitational pull
“You smell like cigarettes”, she said.   “That’s because I smoke”, he said.  
"I dated a writer once. I think.... I'd like to date one again." She eased the statement from her lips confidently and seeking of my approval. I only laughed at her.
  Swinging my hips side to side like they ain’t got no business Looking at your lips, they can make some mean Caribbean kisses Dreads mid-way your back
  You held me like a Barbie, As if you're my perfect Ken, Thinking I will give you Everything just like that doll.   You don't seem to understand That my kiss is not your toy;
This feeling in my stomach, The weakness in my knees, The nervousness I feel, Maybe True Love is real. My tongue is tied, Words falling empty from mouth. The time becomes slow, yet
So you hoped your heart would keep you strong
It’s summertime and everyone’s free Taking life easy and drinking sweet tea Hearts being broken yeah it’s the season Girls dropping boys for no apparent reason Boys leaving girls
The words I hold back, Are the qualities that you lack, You want me to be ther for you, But your why when you are so rude, I wanted you to be that man for me, but I was to blind to see, You had another woman in our bed, Enough said, You are a sold
Running deep The Still Trapped down to nil Break out, refrain to scream and shout Fuscoferuginous rhythm weeps Agnate to sheep, in sleep Coveting not to keep the meek Unable to leace and miss
You made me feel like there was nothing wrong Like I was the only one you wanted And we would always be together like two lovebirds in song, That we were made for each other, But we’re not, like a cat and a dog.
Her beauty doth shine as ‘twould make the sun Itself seem as though ‘twere but a mere coal. A match for her, there is never a one,
Sitting with the rain Holding my hands under the puddles Subconscious illusions Fading I see the rain stop The sun set and then the moon Compress, Explode.   As if the moon was glass
The sun dost pass through the sky in the blink of an eye; ‘Tis but the foreshadow of the cometh of my foe. If only it would stay a bit longer, My sorrows might there be forgotten;
My first love By: Ladii Kay
I went to a dance one night on the Queen Mary in May where the ocean kissed the ship the same way the guests tip toed on deck that was adorned with pearl necklaces of lights
(poems go here) The guillotine was honest, as it cut off your bloody head. it didn't whisper "I love you," and then mess with your mind instead.
I was invited to an ideal girls' night out An idea suggested to me by the girl with flirtatious eyebrows but her pure spirit told me to bring a friend
Awaiting your company calls for heated anticipation, freshly brushed teeth, a sprits of ‘Sweet Seduction”, and an optimistic, welcoming heart for the two of us.
As things get rough I find her head hangs low Eyes bellowed beneath the clouds his hands on her chest as a chain on his ankles holds him tight Her body is in a state of mind that nobody can feel
There is nothing worse Than the feeling of being replaced Not good enough You left when things got tough And I really can't blame you I would leave if I could too
A journey. Long paths, twisting winding roads. Mountains and valleys. Scraped knees and weary bones. I'm parched and lost.
Every time I see you with her it kills me inside . Our memories will never fade away from my mind . My heart is yours but I know that you have moved on . All I do is think of you.
i feel sick. sick from the hurt from the pain from the hate i want to feel, but cannot. sick from the hole in my heart from the helplessness from the power you have over me
Who knew what would happen when you meet someone it could turn into great things it could give you some great memories it could get you a new friend it could even get you someone you really like
Why is it you keep wanting to pull me back in? Look at all the damage you have done You think i really want to be pulled back in. You think that its that easy. But seriously i dont want to be pulled back in.
With the worldly wise and well worn arrows of the deep And the everlasting beauties of an unawakened sleep The world is slick and rotten through A sickly melody for those that chant, to croon
Why does it seem like God takes the good people early? It was not until he called you that I realized I had something amazing all along.
Just as I thought it was save to rest my eyes. The pain of the ignorance you exhibit is blissful, yet it haunts me through the night.
Speak your words to me once more, my darling So prim, so proper, so rehearsed Appeasing, but unreachable Soothing to the ears, but unrelatable Why protect me, love? We all know I take as well as I dish
One more bruise, One more curse, One more day to endure the hurt, One more insult, One more look, One more thought that it is all done, One more slap, One more tear,
I've seen those hands before In a different country far from here I've smelled that scent before But it's not like he's standing beside me Flashbacks through my senses
I found a way to communicate It's not like everyday talk I've thought of ways to ask But I just get up and walk
when did you do it? when did you steal my heart? and how? you must of tricked me, trapped me, lured me and fooled me-- like prey.
Girls today are rewinding back to the Leave It to Beaver days with June at the helm of their dilapidated ship filled with: aprons, house coats, cake mix, feather dusters, and beige pumps.
And its things like that which make me question: Why is it so soon and I’m already questioning. My gut is already right, I’m a Sagittarius.
My heart no longer smiles the way it use to It just sits there and stifles The feelings that it really wants to let out It holds back and waits Unwilling to express itself out of the anxiety
It been a while Since I’ve seen you A while Since I’ve touched you A minute Since I’ve missed you A day Since I’ve needed you Time has changed Who we were And has given me
Death is a woman when she is killed emotionaly. Death is a woman when her heart is broken. Death is a woman when she is abused by the man. Death is a woman when she is afraid of her own mind.
I imagine that I am warm. The jet hair on your arms I nestle in should be proof enough. I shrug off the nip and slide into your spacious body cavity. Ward away the seeping light.
“Your fault,.” he would say. “You’re right.” Regret filled me. “Try harder,” he spat in my face. “I will.” Shame rose up. “You need me,” he simply stated. “Please don’t go.” Panic overwhelmed me.
I can't decipher if it was love that caused me to be attracted to him Was it his cologne or after shave Was it his thug like mentality an his gentlemen facade That caused me to be smitten by danger
I tricked him. I tricked him into thinking he loved me. No man would have been able to love me based on his own accord. I tricked him.
Red Fire
Uncertain, Silent, Words Crying, Pleading, Screaming unheard Black, emotionless tries Passed on unknowing Conversation dies Heat flat lines No beat. Fear shivers down spines
Left Unsaid There have been some words, that have been left unsaid. All, of which, have been bothering me, So darling, let's put these problems to bed.
Interrupted Solace in a Winter's Evening Every once and awhile I like to be alone I burrow in the confines of my memory And dart from conversations like a fish from glass
Talk about cliche I've got my heart on my sleeve. Unsure what to do Don't know where to go. You reeled me in like a little fish You've pulled me around like a puppet on a string
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