A Journey to Me


United States
38° 58' 40.6812" N, 76° 48' 31.1832" W

A journey.
Long paths, twisting winding roads.
Mountains and valleys.
Scraped knees and weary bones.
I'm parched and lost.
How did I get here? How did I allow myself to stray so far from my path, into the deep dark forests that personify you?
You hid your true intentions and motives behind the thick branches and blended them into the night.
And like an awe struck child I followed you oblivious to the direction you were leading me.
At this point, I would have willingly followed you until the ends of the earth, leaving all my dreams and desires in the dust beneath our feet without a backwards glance.
Now as we head deeper and deeper into the wilderness I begin to see I'm surrounded by things I don't know, by people I don't know... Including you.. How could I have not seen your cold dark eyes that seemed so warm and loving once upon a time but now paralyze me causing me to be numb, void of emotion.
It's funny now because you appeared like a sheep, so but I could not see the zipper on your back that if pulled down would have exposed you for what you really were.
I became part of your world, accepting all that that meant. giving all of myself but receiving nothing in return.
Why was it so easy to love you?
How could I have seen past this rock solid icy organ you call a heart and seen love and allowed my self to trust only to be let down again.
And let down I was.
But through the pain and the agony this emotional bondage left me subject to, I was still able to navigate my way thru the vines that still wanted me to be entangled in your world. thru the darkness so thick that I could barely see my way out but thru it all there was the small glimmer of hope in the form of light that allowed me to find my way back.
As I'm finding myself again I can finally see my future and no where in it do I see you. So this is the last time we will meet, the last time my eyes will look upon you, the last time your name will pass my lips.... And wit these lasts breaths I will exhale my love for you. On one of these cold days, so you can finally see what you once meant to me.


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