9/6/15 4:18am

do you miss me
do you think of me
do you revist memories of me on your off days
i hope so
because of you i will never be the same
i will always be the girl who left the cycle of abuse
and found a new route back
with you.
i didn't know what you were doing
or i told myself i didnt
i told myself you loved me enough
that you were telling the truth when you said i was your best friend
actually the worst part
i still believe i was
even though i don't love you anymore
even though i'm happier where i am without you
i still believe you.
i think you wrote about me
and then sent me some messages
and tried to play it off 
like when i tried to accuse you
of cheating
like when i tried to tell you id leave you
and you told me to for not believing you
like when i left you
and you screamed at me,
guilted me.
i should have known
i did know
i just loved you
and you were my best friend.
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