My Brain and My Heart are Arguing


My brain comprehends your words

Twisting and distorting the meanings.

It only focuses on the negatives. 


My heart hears your words, 

Embracing and realizing their true meanings.

It only finds the positive tone. 


My brain is evil, a treacherous villian. 

It tries to overthrow my heart, 

To convince me of choosing to leave you. 


My heart is good, a pure hero. 

It too strives to gain power, 

To push the choice of staying with you upon me. 


The war begins, the battle rages on. 

My heart tugs one way, my brain the other. 

Who will win?


Tears fall as emotional pain splits me, 

Rivers of salt water on my cheeks. 

My body cannot decide!


My heart begins to tear apart, to weaken and give in, 

Only to mend again in a cycle of confusion.

I take a deep breath, dry my tears, and make a decision to end the battle. 



I love this so so so much. Great job! 



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