Tending Me

Sitting with the rain

Holding my hands under the puddles

Subconscious illusions

Fading I see the rain stop

The sun set and then the moon




As if the moon was glass

Pieces shattered

Hurling towards me

Gaining speed as I watch my existance



With my fleeting moments

Seconds with you

Feel like hours

Feel like as if the distance between us

Never existed

Never even happened

But my memories are just that

Never even happened


The first piece hits me

Piercing through my skin

As easily as you said goodbye

But not as painful when you left for good

In that timed I stopped gasping for air

Held my breathe


The rain returns

Down pour moon shards

Rain drops

Eye ball waterfalls\


The only thing that was said

On my front porch

Wasnt about you,

or me.

All I remember is

"I love the rain."


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