Another Life

Another smile, another tear,

Another kiss, a lot more fear,

Another hit, nothing is clear,

Another memory that will last for years.

Another heart that has been broken,

Another wound that has been opened,

Another word that has been spoken,

Another girls innocene that has been stolen.

Another laugh, another good time, 

Another person that gets away with crime,

Another moment that has passed by, 

Another wish that I could fly.

Another guy that just said goodbye.

Another girl that isn't alright, 

Another battle you have to fight,

Another time you can't do anything right.

Another bruise another scar,

Another lie, why has it come this far?

Another person that doesn't know who they are,

Another child that wants to be a star.

Another bad time, she'll be fine,

Another time he said, "You are mine,"

Another opened bottle of wine,

Another memory she will cherish in time.

Another gift, another love letter,

Another month, she's doing much better,

Another moment they shared together,

Another year that leads to forever.  

This poem is about: 
Our world


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