Hickey Magnet

I want you


She wants you

So there's a decision

But yet, no decision

If you feel like you need to choose,

I’ll help you out

Pull out of the race, stop playing your game

I’m not your Barbie doll

I’m not your toy

To manipulate

And cheat

And still have there at the end of the day

I’m human

I’m me

Take it or leave it

Because it’s not changing for you

Or anyone

I don’t know what you want

Or if I’ll be able to give it to you

But I’ll sure as hell give you the best I got

And give you a reason to stick around

Why do I feel like I’m fighting

When youre the one who should be begging

Pleading for me back

For me to forgive you

But you don’t even seem sorry

Like youre almost proud of what you’ve done

Explain to me

How you can take a good girl like me

And throw her away

For a girl like that

I may not be the prettiest

But at least I can tell you where I’ve been

See, I feel like I’m fighting

For something that should already be mine

Why aren’t you mine?

When I’m already yours?


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