Love, Authentically

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 03:00 -- grassly

I love you.
I can bite, and I can heal your every wound.
I can make you cry with silent screams or smile with good intent.
I can rip every piece of you to shreds and I can make the whole world shine with beauty for the rest of your life.
 I can be a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, a friend, or a lover. I can be you.
I can scare you and I can drive you to the edge of the world, to the steepest cliffs and back.

“Love hurts.”

Love is not complicated or difficult.
It is never fear for it does not run.
Love is strength.
Love makes no obstacle too insurmountable.
It’s the ability to climb the highest mountain. It’s looking down and finding your grip, looking back up and climbing with unbreakable determination.
It does not stop for time or beauty or distance.

Love is trust.
Love is honest and true.
It is not a double-edged sword made of false compliments and fragile illusions of beauty and a hypothetical future.
It does not rely on soothing words but rather a reassuring and constant presence that could outlast an entire legion of the world’s fiercest warriors.

Love is selfless.
It is not the sparkling of diamonds smothering your neck that will keep you smiling, nor the irresistible scent of an exclusive dinner at a five-star restaurant that will keep you hungry.
It’s 3am phone calls just because you could not sleep.
It’s driving in a howling snowstorm for hours just to see your face.
Love needs only reciprocation.
Love is me before you.
Love means if you’re happy, I’m happy.
Love will never let you cry, never let you hurt without trying everything in its power to stop the pain.

Love is forgiving.
It does not threaten to leave after one fight, forcing you to apologize.
It does not make you walk on eggshells, dreading the horrifying crack of even the tiniest piece.

Love never waivers.
It is always there when you need it, always present.
It will not abandon you in the worst of times
It does not leave in sickness.
Love will never make you afraid to ask for comfort, support, affection, or anything.
It does not make you ask for confirmation.
Love will not make you fear rejection.
It will not confuse you, making you doubt yourself, feeding your own demons until their weight crushes you so ruthlessly that nothing feels painful anymore.
Love will not make you seek respect or approval
because if it’s love, you will already have it.

Love is solid.
The foundation of love is not that of clouds, built on illusions, poisoned words, and broken promises.
Its origin is not pity, empathy, or guilt.
It will not make you question your sanity.
Love has roots of steel with branches that reach higher than the sky, higher than anyone ever thought possible.
It will absorb any amount of pain better than morphine.

Love is home.
It provides shelter and warmth even in the darkest days.
It begins the very second you awake in the morning with sunshine blinding your eyes and surrounds you until the moment you close them again at night.

Love is good intentions.
Love is in the little things: A ‘good luck’ note before an interview, a coat in the winter, a cup of hot coffee in the morning, or simply an understanding hug.
Love will make you the best version of yourself.
It’s protection from the roughest, wildest storms that life has to offer.

Love does not have rules clearly defined like a school dress code, no formula to calculate the outcome,
But love never hides.
Love does not demand.
Love does not remain silent.
Love does not seek control.
Love does not put you down.
Love does not isolate you.
Love is a commitment.
Love is responsibility.
Love is passion.
Love is the deepest depths of your heart and soul.
Love is integrity.
 Love is communication.
Love is speaking the truth when no one else dares to.
Love is genuine and sincere.
Love is pure.
Love conquers all.
Love is happiness.
Love is everything.


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