The Thoughts of an Undesired Girl


To whit the most passionate excesses wave from the body

as secrets are exchanged

and the innermost lights of ones soul reveals itself bathing the body

in an unearthly glow.


And thought the breath

the most beautiful words may be spoken


whether the fire is there to produce the smoke and is not a reflection of mirrors

had yet to be unearthed.


Though it causes one to wonder,

that such beautiful sharing and feelings

are not for one such as my self but more for me to help others to find.



when seeing such beautiful swirling of emotion and corporal love

can’t help but crave a small amount of resciprication,

for hearts were not created in pairs so that one may find another



Or maybe that is just hopeful fixation

on a dream

a fairy tale ending

that most girls dream in their sweet heads

as no fowl things befall them

when they toss and turn between the sheets receiving their happy ending


It glitters like the evening stars on their finger.

but I have a hand holding me that change

in sense that makes me different,

but its that difference I fear that turns embraces to cold shoulders,

but is it I that is at fault or is it them

that they just don’t understand. 


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