How To Get Dumped / How To Move On

Thu, 12/28/2017 - 19:11 -- ByrdC

To all young people considering returning to a boy who forfeit his right to be called a boyfriend

I have some advice


Don’t be sorry and don’t be desperate.

Ask instead what he ever did to deserve you crawling back like an insect when you both know you are stronger and bigger and wiser than he could ever hope to be


Don’t lie and don’t make promises.

How dare you even write ‘i love you’ or ‘i’m sorry’ in any of those texts you know you’ll never send, don’t ever sink to sentiment and submission so swiftly again


Don’t beg and don’t haggle.

You may be soft, but so is a feather, and even they know when to fly away

Take wing, and so leave him with regret


Don’t cry and don’t say things you’ll regret.

In fact, don’t say anything at all

Don’t bother

Don’t waste




wondering why he did it

trying to solve him like a puzzle

allowing him to become an enigma that infects your bones,

labors your breathing,

drowns the oxygen out of your mind

and threatens to destroy you worse than he ever could


And finally,

let it go.


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Jaedon W.

I absolutely loved this and I realate 100%. We think alike I see. 

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