I lay in bed,

feeling the letters of your name scarred into my heart…

Feeling it burn through my muscles,

flowing through my blood,

and circulating my body.

Your eyes are engraved into my mind…

Your smile left an imprint on my soul.

Pieces of you are scattered within me,

like a puzzle I can’t solve because there are a few pieces missing.

And even though your picturesque characteristics stay with me,

(I mean, how could I ever forget the way your hair stands so perfectly?)

I feel you fading slowly.

I’m clinging to the pieces of you,

but they’re falling through my fingertips.

It’s like trying to hold onto every grain of sand…

But they just keep slipping away.

Do I even cross your mind anymore?

I’m damn lucky if you have even a grain left of me

because you were a god damn beach

and I loved playing in your sand…

Now I’m lucky if the sand could fit into one of those shitty tourist trap bottles… Because who can’t bottle their own fucking sand?


I’ve been trying to bottle up this sand since the day I met you

but the pieces kept slipping away

and every time I went to go recollect one,

I’d lose another.

But you have to know, I will cling to those pieces like no other.

I will carry this sand with me wherever I go.

Maybe one day you’ll walk past me and not even look,

but I will bear the weight of your sand every day…

Because I love you.

And I’m clinging to the fallen, broken pieces of us.

I’m clinging to this sand that doesn’t want to be held,

but I’ll still hold it until the last goddamn day

because it’s the closest thing I’ve got to sunshine.

But if you were a real man,

you’d see the burden of sand that I carry around,

much to my own dismay,

and even as the grains slip away-

I’ll cling to the lost ones more each and every day

because I love you…

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wow this is so symbolic and great!!! 

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