Moving Foward


So you hoped your heart would keep you strong

And prayed  my smile would rights the wrongsThat I have created Leaving you patiently waiting for a callsuddenly you weren't too strong at allAnd you hate this feeling of selfish resentment Left my heart perforated weak right at the seamsAnd your a star you made it reached every last dreamBut sleeping alone never felt worse in your mindI know you still think about my lips time after timeSo tear back to the pillow and try to be blindto the thought of my laugh or looks in eyes when we touchedsomething so smooth transmuted to roughnow a chapter in life you denounce as too tougha vison how little your surprised its a crimea piece of stone small as grain eroded and fineamong an oceans' sand bar with waves of thought in blue linesthough it feels rough a chapter in life you think is so tough But nonetheless you can't suppress the sound of my voiceyour pattern of breathing addicted me to your noiseAnd no matter what I've selfishly said you becameJust know I will swallow my pride, ego, and shameTo hear you just once say the sound of nameIt sounds so cold for you to not say it the same



The format it gave me ended up all weird and lumped together there should be spaces in obvious places and had originally wrote this in one line segments:( But I'm still pretty proud of this so tell me what you think!

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