About You

You know the twinkle in your eyes

most people notice when you smile?

I see stars

and galaxies

and colour.

I’m often so preoccupied

with trying to describe them

that I lose track of what you’re saying.

Your eyes are blue

and grey

and silver

but more than that…

When I look in your eyes

I understand what people mean

when they say you can see emotions.

I can see

the sadness you conceal

with humour

I see the pain

hidden behind self-deprecating quips.

And I want to tell you

to be happy

to smile

to love

to be free

because I see beauty

in all of you,

where you see the parts

that have been broken.

I think they make you strong

and brave

and who you are.

You don’t have to be perfect

because really no one is

but to me

you are an angel

wings torn



tears falling from your eyes

halo dirty and twisted.

Yet you care for others

You create love with your words

mending my heart

while cutting deeper

into your own.

You kiss my scars

and tell me

that my horns are beautiful

while reopening your own

beautiful scars

marks of having lived

a story, written on your body

words only you know


and unforgiving.

And I want to tell you

how important you are to me

but all that comes out

is “I love you”

and “You’re amazing”

Inadequate words

coming from a broken boy.

I can’t show you

how I love you

all of you

no matter what

I can only hope my words convey

the soft kisses I would give you.

I love you

I love your scars

old and new

seen and unseen

emotional and physical

Because I understand

how easy it is

to say someone deserves

the entire fucking world

while telling yourself

how worthless you are.

Trust me

I do it daily.

I cover my pain

with sarcasm

because I deserve it.

But if I deserve pain

why do you deserve happiness?

Because I fucking love you

I love your jokes

I love your personality

I love everything about you.

And I will spend

my entire life

telling you that

until you believe me.

I would die for you

without hesitation

I would stay up all night

to talk you out of suicide

or be an idiot to see you smile

I’ll give you little things

for no reason

because I care

and because













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