Words are the worst kind of drug.

When there's no more pills to take,

You only have the ache for more because your body tells you that you need them.

But words are always there to convince you.

Pills and trips and highs exist in memories.

But words poison your veins like no needle ever could.

But still sometimes they're one in the same, because you'll always chase the high of that very first "I love you."

You'll tear yourself apart wondering how you can get more.

It'll be the only thing on your mind when your days fade into nights and you can't breathe because..

Because you need it.

You feel like an old Furby doll when you keep on repeating the same garbled lines over to your friends asking how you can even live without what you had.

Love is the drug your parents never warned you about.

They encouraged those emotions before they even let you drink coffee because someone your age couldn't handle all that caffeine.

But now you're hooked.

You've stopped caring if what you take is pure anymore.

You don't care if those "I love you's" are cut with "until the morning's" that make you reel like a first timer on a rollercoaster.

You don't care how bad for you all this must be because that high you're always chasing must be nothing next to the real thing.

Bottles, pipes, and love notes aside you hope one day you'll get to stop chasing that high.

And finally arrive.

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