It’s cool and early in the morning

And the sun is peeking over the horizon

I slip on my shoes

And skip down the front steps

To the little yellow car

Waiting for me on the side of the street

I drive to the nearby pastry shop

Planning to buy your favorite

Strawberry-iced donuts and

To the flower shop for a bouquet

Of those rare Camellias which you adore

To bring out your rare, extravagant smile

The one that makes my heart race

Because I love you.

It’s two in the afternoon

I stand near the front gate

Waiting for the school bell to ring

Waiting for you

to run through those double glass doors

So I can lift you in my arms

And spin you around, and

whisper a happy birthday wish in your ear

While quietly slipping a letter

In your jacket pocket

A letter speaking of my blind

Admiration for your mere existence

Because I love you.

It’s time for this special day to end

Your birthday

We’re sitting on the soft white sand

Of your favorite beach

With the palm trees dancing in the breeze

And the seashells making the ground

Sparkle with pretty colors

Our hands are entwined

And the sunset is breathtaking

But the only thing

Taking my breath away

Is your flowing hair tumbling around

Those rosy cheeks, and your

Curling lashes framing the

Only pair of eyes I can get lost in for hours

Because I love you.

It’s a little past midnight

But I lay awake in bed for hours more

Crafting the perfect text message

For you to wake up to the next day

The kind of message that will bring

Your eyes to slightly water, your lips

To break into yet another rare smile

Your arms to cover in goosebumps, and

Your heart to swell with what I hope

Is unconditional love, as you

Come to know that

Everything I have

And everything I am

Is yours forever

Because I love you.


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