Summer's Love

You say that you only want someone for Summer

and it ends when fall comes with change of color

Oh darling do you see my face?

and I can't stand to let it go to waste

My love , we are but like two doves

and ever since I saw you I knew you were my truelove

Oh lord what have I done to deserve you?

and what has this all come to

Will you see that it can work?

balance between I and homework

Oh baby I don't want to lose you

please don't make us blue

You're the only one for me

no one has given me such glee

Oh why do you cry when I'm near?

your true feelings revealed through the veil of tears

Into the distance, our sight so black

to the point of no turning back

Oh how I would miss us

our time together is a must

Don't you want me?

can you hear my plea

You turn around

To see me standing

I take your hand

Our love has yet to end





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