Honesty, something you’ll never see

I will never look at you the same ever again. What you did to me, I will never understand. How dare you ever tell me you adore me! When now all you ever do is ignore me. I don’t understand how I could change your mind. All the times I listened to you and gave you my fucken time? I gave you everything I could possibly give! To make you smile, but you never did. You NEVER appreciated anything I did, how much I thought you were amazing and shit. You bitch and moan about wanting a lady. When I’m right here in front of you, open arms waiting. I would have gave you EVERYTHING, don’t you understand?? I would have gave the world for you to be my man. I wanted to be the girl to make you smile, but I guess true affection just wasn’t your style. Have fun with the girls that will never understand, your anxiety and fear, that I saw right off the hand. Have fun with the girls that will never make you feel, like you were the most amazing thing in the entire world. Have fun with the girls that don’t have souls, empty shallow minds, never stories to be told. you’ll never find someone, as honest as me, I say what I feel, I type what I bleed. you’ll never find someone as generous and caring, would give you the world, and always understanding. The thing is I saw the world in your eyes. And would buy you a million dinners so you wouldn’t starve at night. I didn’t give a damn if you were a poor boy from the ghetto, I would have been honored to hold your hand in my stilettos. The truth is baby, I’m a real women, I love and I cherish, never stubborn, never selfish. I would have always put you first. But a real man, is what a real women deserves


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