Double Trouble


Invisible scars that aline her arm
Transparent bruises that do no harm
Make up covers those nasty scars
Look at her now and look how far

Look at the beauty you have destroyed
Look at her flesh, the one you toyed.
That beautiful smile has turned to dust
Her beating heart smeared with rust

Your tricks have led her to ponder wonders
So much her mind has gone down under
Her lips they crack from the lack of yours
But there is no lack, for she's a dirty whore

Visible wounds cake her skin
Touchable pain smothers thin
No contact, no "hello I haven't forgot you" dirty smile
For she hasn't seen you in a while

Twice the pain covered by hidden caring
Twice the hopelessness ruined by reckless sharing
Double the breaking that she feels
It stings both hearts--electric eel

No hellos, farewells, or goodbyes
Because she doesn't need you in her hopeful life.


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