The Love Gained From a Rose

Love is like a rose, maybe that's why roses are givin' to loved ones on special occasions

Such as; Valentine's Day, anniversaries, special events, and sometimes just to say I love you. 

Love is like a rose, one side there are the petals: the beautiful aroma, bright colored, wonderfully textured, petals.

Hiding under the petals are the thorns; the part that no one often sees, the part that hurts if you hold it without care, the part that gives you the most pain.

So why do we give roses to the ones we love? Maybe it's to show them we think their beautiful 'the biggest petals to cover up the thorns.' 

Or maybe its the comparison we are all thinking. Whatever it is, 

Love is petals, but under the love there is always thorns. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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