Things Left Unsaid


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Left Unsaid
There have been some words,
that have been left unsaid.
All, of which, have been bothering me,
So darling, let's put these problems to bed.

I've never said "I love you" enough,
you've never said them back.
I've never even kissed your cheek,
my darling, im so sorry I lack....

The right words to say,
when you're feeling low;
My endless pool of emotion,
that I could never show.

Teach me how to love again,
to enjoy lifes' wonders.
To hold you, carress you, to love you right,
Help me not to blunder...

There have been some actions,
that have been left unread.
All, of which have been killing me,

"So darling...let's go to bed..."


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