The Pedestal

See the girl balancing there

Upon the rickety pedestal you built for her

Holding her aloft when she is afraid she might fall.

But she loves you

So she stays;

Rocking back and forth,

Swaying with the wind,

Hoping that she’ll stay aloft,

Because she loves you.


She sometimes forgets how she got up so high

“You're perfect”

“You can do no wrong”

“You're like an angel who saved me”

Because she loves you

She doesn’t want to fall


Every day the pedestal grows taller

She wonders if it’s worth it -

Your love.


She loves you

But everyday she dreams of falling

Of you seeing her for who she is

Cellulite, and dark circles

Acne, and laugh lines

Beautiful imperfection.

Not a mirage that you created

But the girl that loves you.


When she finally falls you weren’t there

Why weren’t you there?

Why didn’t you catch her?

Why didn’t you catch me?


All I wanted was your love

All I wanted was to please you

But when I fell you saw me

The flawed, real me.

Was it too much for you?


Love grows,

love changes,

love dies,

I just thought you were different.

Sometimes I wish

I never fell.


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