Her alarm goes of and she hits it with all her strength

Her bed is soaked from the night before


She gets her favorite jeans and matches it with her favorite shirt

She spends too much time putting on too much makeup

Working hard until she looks flawless

All for someone who will never notice 


She is about to walk out the door when she realizes she forgot something

She takes one step at a time back up to her room

She shuts her door and walks to her to her mirror

She takes a deep breath and pastes it on like a mask


A smile

A confident,






Unbreakable smile


Too bad its fake

Too bad it is everything she feels she will never be

Too bad she puts it on to hide the way she really feels


No one can see the hurt in her eyes

No one can tell she cried herself to sleep

She hopes he will see her smile that screams to him


"Look!! I don't need you to make me smile!! You can't hurt me!! I can still smile and 

feel good. I. Do Not. Need. You. I will move on. I will. I am fine without you. I am fine..."


She puts on that fake smile

Because she knows she deserves better...



I can really relate to this


I'm glad :) I wrote a shorter version years ago in middle school and was able to fix it up recently when I had a true experience of love and break ups. 

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