The Love Worth Waiting For

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 18:47 -- Akred11


United States

I. Just. Love. You.

No words in the world are more true


People say that I want many things

Maybe a dress and maybe a ring

That I ask too much

I should love for a touch

But a touch doesn’t reach my heart


And you love my heart


There is nothing more still than your voice

Patient, soothing, your words are your choice

To love me



When life is a blur and the lights, too dark

Even then, I swear

It won’t tear us apart


It’s so easy to trust you

When you sacrifice for me every day

It’s so easy to listen

When you give me a say

It’s so easy to forgive you

When my crimes are washed away

It’s so easy to love you

When I know you will stay


With you, I can’t stop laughing

We don’t realize how fast the time is passing

With you, I’m not afraid to cry

You always wait till my eyes are dry


I want to be

Everything you are to me

Because I love you


As life goes on, for rich or poor

You in my life makes me so much more


And even when I’m old

And you’re not there to hold

When I’m alone

Because of you I’ll have grown

When the lights are fading to gray

You’ll be in my heart

And no one

Can steal that away


No words in the world are more true

Than I. Just. Love. You.


And I can’t wait

To find you

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