Why is it you keep wanting to pull me back in?

Why is it you keep wanting to pull me back in?
Look at all the damage you have done
You think i really want to be pulled back in.
You think that its that easy.
But seriously i dont want to be pulled back in.

Everything that has happened.
Now you want to talk to me
And be nice after all that
I don't care for all this crap

Sometimes I got to wonder with people
Like why do all this
Can't you even see how it affected me

I never wanted all of this stuff to happen
but shit happens
you got to deal with it

why can't he just say nothing when he sees me
like what's the point of telling me all the things you told me
why do you actually think i care
when all those things show how stupid you are being
and that you aren't getting to go far in life
wish you could see how many bad choices you're making and screwing up
see why now it's like i want nothing to do with you

can't you see what you have caused
can't you see how much harder you make it for me
can't you see how much i have had to deal with
can't you see how much i rather not deal with all of this and way more stuff than i already am

probablly not
but maybe its time you learn
maybe its time for you to change for the better
but i know that will never happen
it seems like all you do is change for the worse anymore
i rather not be a part of your life anymore

i don't want to be dragged back in
i don't want to have to deal with you

its time for a change
its time for something better to happen
its time for an adventure
its time for going to some place new
its time for people who are bad for you to get out of your life

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