First Fall

I know I just met you

but please let me say

we could get food..

I mean..I want you to stay.

Ahhh not in a creepy way

I just could see us together is all

Not necessarily bf and gf 

But i am certainly starting to fall…


-ward. Shit! Whew!

I almost landed on my face

which would have been ok

if your face was the ground..

what I mean to say is I’m glad you seem sound.

In yourself hehe...

That’s a great quality to have

and you’re the prettiest girl I’ve seen

You remind me of my Dad….

Not because you’re a man 

or you made me

just he and I are close

and I think we are too…


I feel close, like i’ve know you longer

the type of girl who if I stay with

can only make me stronger.

Thats not to say I have nothing to give

because I’ll give you my all

a reason to live.

Wow. I am REALLY getting ahead of myself.

I suppose that’s the romantic in me.

Ill just put this conversation back on the shelf

and say I hope you and I could be “we”.

Simple enough, 



This was productive.

It was nice to meet you.

Oh and by the way,

that turtle neck you’re wearing

is extremely seductive.


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