Fuck Boy Games

To all the boys that loved me 

I can never imagine a world where Deja's vu didn't exist

you've become recycled news paper using tired headlines to draw out old editions

Tried to use your Trojan horse to connect with my inner being

You misuse your influence on me and wonder why my Great Wall is the toughest to conquer 

I may enjoy swinging on monkey bars but  doesn't mean you get to adventure down my slide 

No you may not use my body to play

Don't mark me as the grounds needed to claim territory in masculinity 

[Understand that I'm afraid of you]

I've found myself hiding when I realize you seek companionship, but by all means you can get it just go about it the right way 

Remember that time you took me to the movies?

I'm not a feature film used to fulfill your 30 minute fantasies 

Arent you tired of being stuck on repeat?

Expand your attention

Know that I am a museum , take time and study my mysteries interpret my flaws into fallacies then get to know the quirky qualities that make me beautiful

Exhibit your manlihood 

Display your soft side . . Let's . . . Converse 

I'm talking deep penetrating intellectual conversation that leaves you stimulated, satisfied, and sappy 

(Break down awkward barriers naturally)

To all the boys that loved me 


You may open Pandora's box and a whirlwind of chaos controls your life 

I'll suffocate you in emotion 

Drown you in bliss 

It's a (mouse) trap 

I'll teeter-totter on your feelings and we'll swing between the existence of communication

I break down weed men like you and baby you're that sticky icky 

For years you'll cling on my side worried I'd pass you 

hoping one day I might love you too 

 I'm sorry this game of life leaves you troubled but you can't  monopolize my time. 

These terrible twister turned trivial pursuit of relationships leave me boggled but I must admit some days I crave to adventure in your candy land, climb on top gumdrop mountain,  then take a lick from your peppermint stick forest and then . . .   Then you say the wrong thing, instantly taking me down from my sugar high

We're back at Go but I must ask that you stop and do not pass

You can't collect anymore property. 

I'll tag my name across your heart and forever you'll be frozen in time 

Yes I'll leave you. . . wishing I loved you too 



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