She & He

She Her cheeks were flushed

Her lips, a curve

Her heart, how it rushed

Better than I, she deserved

I was gravel under her feet

She was a rose in the park

I was sand in the street

She was a sunset. She was art.

She said that she loved me

And I replied: “What for?”

How could she love a a flea?

How do you love a creaky door?

Her pale face became solemn

Her manor was pleasant

“You are great granite columns

You are my perfect Christmas present”

She was everything, for which my heart did pine

She was all that wanted to ever call mine



He made moonlight and brought tomorrows

He was stage fright and he was sorrow

But he made me happy and he taught me to wonder

His words were sappy and he heard beauty in thunder

He didn't know his effect on a lady

How she couldn't show that he drove her crazy

That he made me think thoughts new and exciting

He was outside the box and his presence was inviting

He was fire in my chest and weakness in my knees

He made Mondays seem the best, he was music in the breeze

He couldn't see who I saw. He saw empty and gone

I knew not one flaw. He was beautifully withdrawn

So I stayed by his side for as long as I could

I hoped to be his bride, and to show him he was good

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