You've Changed


You made me feel like there was nothing wrong

Like I was the only one you wanted

And we would always be together like two lovebirds in song,

That we were made for each other,

But we’re not, like a cat and a dog.


You turned meaner and filled with hatred like a grudge.

Acted like there was a monster in you-

There was one thing you wanted,

 Something that you couldn’t have.

I felt like I was used like a slave.


You told me about that other guy and how he was bad.

I didn’t listen. I found out the hard way.

He also used me like you did,

But for something different.

He wanted money and items.

I felt bad for him, because he was poor.


Now we’re closer, you and me.

You call me little sis,

And I am not close with that other guy much anymore.

You have become your old self again.

The one I used to know.


Whatever caused your anger, stay away from it.

Whether it was your family life or something else,

I will not know, but stay the old you, that you have become again.


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