The One

Love is a beautiful thing,
With the right person it becomes a meaningful thing.
I found true love in you
It shows in everything that you do
Never thought I could be loved so unconditionally
Yes! without conditions you gave your heart to me.

thought love was dead
or so they said
But it lives in you
So alive and real
That special feeling
That gives life new meaning

How can I describe in mere words wot your love has done for me
How can I show you baby, you seem more like a dream
In this dream so sweet u have become the one..
The one who makes my heart smile
The one who for me would run a thousand miles

The one I wanna hold hand with, grow old and make plans with
The one who I’m loving, hugging, needing, feeling, kissing
The one I never get tired of seeing
The one for whom I have strong feelings
The one who motivates me, inspires and supports me
The one who makes me blush
One look at you makes my heart rush.
The one whose soft hands hold me
The one who knows how to uphold me.
The one who never let’s me down
The one who never let’s me frown
The one whose love is so deep, with you I see no other
The one who cherishes my existence, the love so pure it stays consistent.
The one who loves me so much though I’m not holy
60 years strong, yes that will be our story
The one whose love means everything to me…
With “the one” words need not be said,
a look in each others eyes, unveils the unsaid.

So how can I describe in mere words
What your love has done for me.
How can I quantify
Cos you are more than a dream.



Brilliant! I knew that a post like this would inspire millions of people across the world. Keep it up!


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