Thanks to You

Thanks to you 

I was left feeling blue.

You finally gave me a chance

To get out of your trance.

Thanks to you

I was left without a "how-to"

I didn't know how to move on

Until you showed me how fast you could be gone.

Looking back,

Your love was a method of an attack.

You plotted for years

To get my eyes filled with tears.

Did you ever have feelings for me?

Or did you want to get between my knee?

Thanks to you,

I found myself.

Not by reaching for a tissue,

Or getting a book off my shelf.

No, nothing of the sort.

I found myself

By not asking for support.

To move on, one only has theirself.

Thanks to you, 

I have a new view

Of my live reality

And thanks to you, I'm now free

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