Everyone on earth has heard it before

It's a new car alarm

Or a knock at your door

A story so old they found it carved in stone

With all of the scrolls

And neanderthal bones.

But if it mattered at all what anyone thought

I wouldn't be sharing

You know I would not. 

My song's about a girl and that ain't nothing new

So just sit back, relax

Have a drink or two.

When I see her I smile, not an uncommon thing, 

But something about her 

Can make my ears ring.

We can sit, we can talk, for an hour or two

Never knowing, nor caring,

What else we've to do.

Her appearance is grand, and for that I am grateful

But it's what's in her head

That can pile my plate full.

I've never met someone who, from me, they don't differ

It is truly remarkable

I don't mean to dither,

This all will just bore you, if you let me go on

Cause all day I can talk

'Bout my stars and my sun

It all seems quite cliche, and it sure well may be

But my friend you should see

The way she looks at me. 



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