you had me @ sin

Fri, 09/25/2015 - 10:22 -- KayGre

looking like just my kind of trouble
overworn jeans
threadbare t-shirt
holding a pen like a cigarette
half a smirk for all who looked
hair too long, nails too short
you told a joke and the
whole room laughed
I was mesmerized
you slouched as you walked
but still seemed to own
the entire building and then some
tips of your hair bleached orange
line from a poem scrawled across your wrist
right over scars like margins
I swear the sky spilled stars as freckles
right across your skin
you were so bright I was only drawn in
I had no choice but to burn
warm skin stars and scars under fingertips
the breeze through the trees sounds like your name
you had me before you even looked my way
you had me at sin

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