What Does the Heart Want

Strong arms and even stronger abs 

A smile that could make the sun himself so drab 

Eyes so piercing that they gaze into my soul 

This was my idea of ‘boyfriend goals’

Then college comes 

With all its possibilities 

Guys of different creeds, shapes and ethnicities 

No more do I look out for creation from the Gods 

I’m not in Kansas anymore, this must be Oz

Beauty is skin deep 

Do I want handsome, yes, but I’m far more deep

Does he make me laugh and smile with ease?

Does he give me the freedom to do as I please?

When we’re together do I enjoy his company?

And can he cuddle me oh so gently 

It’s not all about the body, the smile, or the gaze 

Those were remnants of a child’s days

I desire one who makes me feel good, just by being near him

And when we kiss my giddiness almost breaks the ceiling 

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